Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Diamonds on the ground

Whenever I see the sun shining on the snow and you get that incredible glitter, a sentence will immediately pop up in my head: "But I never bend down to pick diamonds anymore." I remember reading something about it many years ago. How fortunate I found the story today, after having been out in splendidly bright and cold winter day... brr...
"When I was a child, and when the sun was shining, I would go skiing over carpets of diamonds. I was always sure that if I bent down slowly and carefully enough, I would be able to grab one of them. But I never managed that, it was always gone before my hand reached it.
In the forest stood queens and trolls, small kids in groups and large kings and princesses. And all of them were covered in soft, white shapeless gowns. I never touched those. I still walk in the same forests, but now I sometimes will use my ski pole to make sure that the snow will not break a big tree branch or break the top of a small tree.
The white diamond carpet is still there – as it will always be when the sun shines on the snow. But I never bend down to pick diamonds anymore. It is enough to know they are there."
(My translation, my mistakes:)

Friday, February 5, 2010

The dreaded middle

Not sure why this block has had the halo of dreadness hanging over it, but I have been procrastinating making it. But yesterday I drag my sorry self to the needle and hunkered down, refusing to quit. And I made it:)
Looks quite cute, doesn't it? Now, to tame the dreaded beast of the neighbouring block. There is a sevenpointed star in the middle of that one, just 1" big. That is 2,54 cm for those of us who figured out that the metric system made more sense several decades ago:)