Friday, April 29, 2011

In the park

I go through the park at the castle most every morning, and it is fun to watch the changes that happens almost daily now. They started filling the ponds the other day, and now the ducks are settling in.
They don't really care about us mere humans.

He barely opened an eye while I was crouching by him to take a picture.

She did not even look at me.

I got an almost Japanese feeling:) but I am in the middle of Oslo, Norway. Oh, and that little stair you see there?

It's for the ducks! How fun is that:) Duckstairs...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hear me roar!

My beautiful Amur tiger is done! Isn't he magnificent?
I do so admire the creator of this pattern, Toni Whitney. I mean, just look at the eyes!There were a lot of little quirks on this one. I really got to test my machine sewing. I am sad to say that the stitches are not the same length everywhere, but this is not an exhibition piece, but pure enjoyment meant for me and myself. At the moment it hangs in my office, but soon I will take it home and just sit and enjoy it.

Oh, and Amur is the Siberian tiger. And I am born in the year of the Tiger myself.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter breake activities

Norway in on Easter breake. I have six days off! Lovely. And it is spring. Almost all snow is gone. The important parts at least, just a few big heaps left in shadows here and there.

I have ventured into a more adventurous balcony gardening this year, having had different seeds in my refrigerator for three months. Stratifying, it is called. So far... not a lot of result. Except this one:) It's Jacaranda! Yup, I am growing trees on my balcony. In a country where it would not survive outside in the winter time. But it is worth a try:)
I went to IKEA the other day, for something completely different, but I saw these beautiful boxes. Have to love IKEA:)

They are perfect for these:

These are from this not-quite-finished flimsy.

It's been bothering me for a while. I just did not like the big ones when I put them all together. So I am redoing them into 'normal' grandma's garden. Each one gives me three flowers. I have lots more fabric to use, too. I have so much left-over Japanese fabric, I need to use them for something:) This one will eventually be a wedding anniversary gift, but hush-hush for now.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

People keep walking into me

As spring arrives and the days are longer and more sunny, I start looking at things quite anew. It's like I am waking up from hibernation, shaking of the snow and ice and start looking around me. Problem is that I keep looking up.... I love the old curlyque architecture in the older part of Oslo, and I keep finding new things to see. And I stop and take pictures... and the people walking behind me bumps into me...
Yesterday I saw this one. I have passed that house so many times, parked my car there when I go to my training studio. But never have I seen this.

How wonderfully imaginative! How fun:) His eyes are yellow, even!

And would you look at that blue sky!?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Block 1 done!

It goes slowly, but it goes:) Not back to knitting yet, but handsewing seems to go ok. So I have finished my first block of the Civil War Bride quilt. Just 19 to go, pluss the borders. Can't say I will be lacking in applique work for the foreseeable future. I have started to prep block 2, but I haven't quite decided if I want to do them in order. Or if I want to do the ones with most leaves first. There are MANY leaves in this quilt:)