Friday, February 4, 2011

Four good things, one BIG bad

First big thing: The lump was not malignant!!! Took over two months from me finding the darn lump until I knew for sure. It wasn't until after I got the testresult I realised how much it had been weighing on me. It's done, for now.
Second big thing: A finish! I got this quilted and the applique sewn on last weekend.
The flowers are put on AFTER the quilting and the binding put on. It is supposed to be a little ragged-ended. I thought it brought a little flair to the quilt. (Yet another quilt with the batik left-overs from the Dear Jane)
Third big thing: Another quilt done! A sunset quilt, just with triangles.
And the rest of the yellows to purple fabrics used for the backside. I named it Fractured Rays. Both quilts are gifts, to be given away tomorrow.
Fourth big thing: Two pillows! I really like red and whites. Also gifts.
One BAD thing: I started my physio this week, for my right arm. I have had the problem for two decades, overusing the little muscles. The solution has been exercising, which I have done.... except for the last two years. I just crafted, and ignored the signals. It went ok, until I started working again. The added strain on the small muscles by using the computer during the day sent my right arm into a whole world of pain. So, the starting of physio is a good thing, but it is overshadowed by the fact that he BANNED ME FROM CRAFT! for the time being. For an undisclosed amount of time!! I don't know what to do with myself.... all my lovely crafts and ideas lying there waiting to be started!
Solution so far: Sit on my hands. Will it work? Time will show. One thing is for certain: reading about quilting is no fun at all when I can't quilt!!!


MaureenTakoma said...

Look at all the beautiful things you finished! I especially like those pillows. Be good and work hard at physio so you can return to quilting soon. Perhaps you can play around with photography in the meantime.

Margaret said...

Oh my! I love your quilts -- so gorgeous! I'm so glad the lump was benign. Having to wait a long time to find out is not a good thing.

Hanne said...

Fine quilter du lager :-) har boken du søker - søk på meshwork i nettbutikken.
Hun har den rimeligste prisen jeg har sett og bøker er tollfritt.
Hun har 2 bøker - jeg har begge, og liker den med alle mønstrene utenpå best.

God bedring med armen!!