Thursday, July 3, 2008

Inger's houses

When an old childhood friend turned 40 a few years ago, it was natural to make her a quilt. She most of all wanted something with a religious theme, something she could look on and find comfort in. She also loves houses, in all shapes and forms. I spent a long time looking for patterns, went through all my books and magazines, all of which I have too much of:-) Suddenly one day on the net, I found this BOM from an Australian site, though the pattern is originally American. 'By wisdom a house is built... in the country' and the search was over!

I did the whole BOM so that I could get the fabric just right, and not have to be stuck with the left overs. I figure I am a little different than most quilters there.. I am not good at using left overs - be it fabric or yarn. I tend to buy them for specific purposes, and can't seem to be able to look at them from others sides. But I am getting better!

So this is the result:-)

It is a different kind of quilt, as it is made of 12 different table mats, almost. Each one is completed separately and then you handsew them all together.

You do the applique and the embroidered text (all from the Bible, based on houses - meeting Inger's demands:-)) on osnaburg fabric, then sewed the osnaburg on a piece of fabric, added batting and backing and then did a simple quilt with DMC, like a bumblebees flight:-) Not sure you can see it on the picture.

It got BIG! It took me over a year, as I had to wait 12 months for all the blocks, but it was a nice and slow way of making something. She received it on her 41st birthday, but I was forgiven:-)

This was the block that clinched the choice of pattern.

Inger is a person that really loves and takes care of her family and friends, and I immediately thought of her when I saw this. I am so lucky to be a part of her family. Her second of four children is my godchild, too! :-)

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