Monday, June 24, 2013

A new life, a new name and a new quilt!

My grandnephew were christened yesterday:) His parents decided on a church christening, which is a very beautiful ceremony. His three godmothers (yes, three:)) all wore their folkdresses, while the baby wore the christening dress his father had worn on his big day (made by me:)). At the end of the ceremony, all the godfathers and godmothers, his parents and the minister placed their hands on him to bless him. 'Nary a dry eye in the house:) And he was quite quiet the whole time, just looking around him with his big blue eyes. I think the beard of the minister were very interesting.... 

So now he has a name, Simon (or the Norwegian equivalent of). 
 His grandaunt had to make a quilt for him, to start him on his new life:) It turned out pretty good, I think.
 It has ricracs, so that he can use his little fingers to pluck at.
 And prairie points, also to pluck at:)
There should be some activities for him to experience as he soon starts to crawl and explore:)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Dress rehearsal

Next Sunday, this little bundle will be celebrating his christening. So we needed a dress rehearsal to see if the dress fits.

I crocheted this at the age of 15. For some reason.... I guess I needed a challenge. My niece and nephew have used this for their christening, and now the second generation will be using it. We have an heirloom in the family:)

It fits, and it seems he enjoys wearing it. If he still does after several hours... Well, we shall see:)