Saturday, February 12, 2011

While I am waiting....

Not sure why I torture myself with this, but here is my stack of quilts, waiting for me to do good and work on my right arm:
I also received this in the mail! My starter pack of fabric for Civil War Bride! I have been looking for fabric for it, but I could just not find anything that grabbed me. So I decided to take a chance and order the starter pack from Threadbar, where I also ordered the pattern.
Aren't they just lovely? I am gonna need some more greens, but that is left for another day. I need to stretch things out, those little quiltrelated things I can still do, while waiting, waiting, waiting...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Four good things, one BIG bad

First big thing: The lump was not malignant!!! Took over two months from me finding the darn lump until I knew for sure. It wasn't until after I got the testresult I realised how much it had been weighing on me. It's done, for now.
Second big thing: A finish! I got this quilted and the applique sewn on last weekend.
The flowers are put on AFTER the quilting and the binding put on. It is supposed to be a little ragged-ended. I thought it brought a little flair to the quilt. (Yet another quilt with the batik left-overs from the Dear Jane)
Third big thing: Another quilt done! A sunset quilt, just with triangles.
And the rest of the yellows to purple fabrics used for the backside. I named it Fractured Rays. Both quilts are gifts, to be given away tomorrow.
Fourth big thing: Two pillows! I really like red and whites. Also gifts.
One BAD thing: I started my physio this week, for my right arm. I have had the problem for two decades, overusing the little muscles. The solution has been exercising, which I have done.... except for the last two years. I just crafted, and ignored the signals. It went ok, until I started working again. The added strain on the small muscles by using the computer during the day sent my right arm into a whole world of pain. So, the starting of physio is a good thing, but it is overshadowed by the fact that he BANNED ME FROM CRAFT! for the time being. For an undisclosed amount of time!! I don't know what to do with myself.... all my lovely crafts and ideas lying there waiting to be started!
Solution so far: Sit on my hands. Will it work? Time will show. One thing is for certain: reading about quilting is no fun at all when I can't quilt!!!