Friday, August 24, 2012

One rainbow, two rainbows...

Getting of the underground on my way home last night (it is still light outside at 8 pm), I was met with sunshine, rain and rainbows! It was an almost perfect arch.
 And then I saw, a little start of a second rainbow over the first.
Is it lucky to see not just one, but two rainbows?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Supernatural hexagon quilt

I can't believe it is done! Well, the flimsy is done. But still! So many stitches, so many, many, many. Trust me, it went beyond six seasons of Supernatural! Add to that three seasons of Castle, five seasons of Dr Who (ninth, tenth and eleventh).
It consists of 247 hexagon flowers. 1 777 hexagons are cut, basted and sewn on.

Now I have to think about backing, quilting and binding (or facing). And find a more suitable name. Grandma's Japanese garden? I have used up all my Japanese fabric stash for this one!

It is going to be strange to not have this monster to sew in the evening anymore....

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Done and done

Finally got around to take pictures of the finished Hideaway quilt. It's been done for a while, but rainy days and busy days and lazy days kept getting in the way. But here it is.


And done

I kind of like the red binding:)

I also finished the last commission from my niece:)
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Endless, endless

Here is the progress on my hexagon quilt. Have about 50 more to go. And that means I am at the end!

My goodness... I wonder if I dare count them all... I call it my Supernatural quilt, as I have made most of this while re-watching all seasons of Supernatural. I am on to re-watching Dr. Who. From the ninth doctor. Of course. I hope to get done before the episodes run out. In any case, it has to be done by November, for the golden wedding anniversary.

In the meantime.... The sky was wonderfully rain-less and gorgeous last night!

Oh, and that endless necessary knitting... Can't show it yet. It is for a blog follower and a friend who turned 50 this spring. I am bringing it with me to him in October, so it has to be a secret for now. How it looks, at least:)

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keep forgetting...

I keep forgetting I have a blog these days. Maybe because my crafts are slow and there are few progresses to show. Boring, but necessary knitting. Many, many stitches on a big hexagon quilt. Those kinds of things. In the meantime, pictures from summer - between the rain showers.

I don't see these very often. The color is magnificent.

Even though I am not a pink person at all!

This big and old oak was just on the 'front gate' to the petroglyphs from the previous post. It was sooo green there, the stones and everything there was covered with green moss. Made you feel you were stepping into something really, really old...

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