Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A lifetime of pictures

When my niece, Thea Sofie, turned 20, she commissioned her very own quilt, with everything she wanted! So she gave me a full list - she wanted pictures, embroidery, buttons, sequins, lace and everything else, please! And since I am not good at designing my own stuff, I almost fainted. But I thought - ok, she wants everything, lets give her everything. 

I asked her to find the pictures she wanted in it, and ended up with around 60 pictures! Oh boy, simpler and simpler.... I spent about six months trying to find a system that would make sense, or at least a framework instead of just splashing the pictures all over.

The pictures ended up in groups: birth, family on both sides, friends, pets, portraits, her and her brother, grandparents etc. I used both colour and black and white. The pictures were printed on tight woven cotton prepared with Bubble Jet solution, so that the quilt would be soft and washable.

There is no way a picture could make it justice, but here is the finished work.

All the pictures were framed in green or red fabric, depending on which group it belonged to. The rest of the quilt was made in Japanese flower fabric, as many as possible. Kathrine's Quilt had this wonderful bunch made all ready, saved me a lot of trouble.

I 'wrote' her name in sequins in the middle, which is hard to see properly.

I also made 16 different blocks in each corner, all from Kaffe Fasset book from the AV museum in London, just to fill it out a little. Some stitcheries from different other quilts, put it all together and then sewed the final last twenty pictures I on the back sides. I just could not find room for all of them on the front.

To make sure it would all make sense for her in the future, I made a photoalbum with copies of all the pictures, with the history behind them all. So in the future, she will remember her great grandmother's name, and when she had her first day of school.

Twenty years - a full lifetime - on one single quilt. Yepp, all juggled around, but that is life:-)

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kahti said...

What a wonderful tribute to your family and heritage! I am so impressed with the work of your hands. Good thing they are not idle... :-)