Wednesday, July 16, 2008

African memories

Four years ago, my brother's family and I took a trip to Kenya, to visit my aunt and uncle stationed there at the time. My second trip, their first one. We took a week safari in Masai Mara, among others. It never ceases to amaze me that even if you have seen all the animals in the world on Animal Planet or National Geographic, it is such an experience to see it 'live', even if they are several meters away from you. We saw a family of 13 lions!

When my brother turned 50 the year after, I decided to make something that could remind them of that trip. This was a quilt I had seen in a picture from a shop in USA, and I managed to track it down on the web. It is called 'Leapyear in Lowenveld' from a book called Quilt Safari. I ordered the whole package and got many beautiful vibrant 'african' fabric. I would never have found that by myself.

The quilt had all those things that we had seen in the park; the lions, the giraffes, elephants, the people. And the odd shaped trees and flowers. The only thing missing was the marabou, but they are frankly so ugly, good thing they weren't:)

I appliqued using freezer paper, and decided to go all the way and handquilt the thing, too. Boy, did I regret that one.... I was two months delayed in giving him the gift.... but he forgave me:)

It is now hanging in their entry hall, and greets all visitors as they enter. I still stop and look at it, finding new things about the colours and the fabric. And remembering the trip.

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