Monday, November 28, 2011

Not much left

... on my 'making Christmas gifts list', or
... of my energy....

I have had to buckle down and admit to myself that I have been pushing it a little too much this year. I was so sure that my bout of depression was a result of not having a job, and that it would miracously dissappear when I started working again. Hah!

We have an expression in Norway - 'nissen følger med på lasset'. Roughly, when you move, the housegnome follows with, i.e. you are not rid of the problem just because you move, or change jobs or... do other stuff. You have to address the issue, not just the sympthom.

I hate that... sigh. On the other hand, it isn't much fun when you loose the desire to sew, knit, take pictures, find new things to do and so on. So I will not try to overextend myself when it comes to handmade Christmas gifts - people will have to live with bought gifts. I will not work during the Christmas break. And I will take one day at a time. Sooo easy....

Anyway, photos! Yes, finally. I took a day off to go Christmas shopping and ended up driving to the End of the World instead. I climbed and crawled my way over wet rocks as far out as I could go - never been this far out before. It was a miracle I made it out without injuries.
The weather was grey, but heck - light is light. And these days we have few hours of daylight as it is. I am fascinated by the curves that the waves have created over millions of years. Such soft shapes.

This was as far as it was possible to get without a boat. But I made it:)

This year I am buying my own Christmas gift - a new camera! Getting it soon. As for crafts - nothing to show until after Christmas, since they all watch my blog. Darn....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Frustrations and annoying solutions

I am in the middle of knitting christmas gifts. I am knitting something for the third time, but this time it completely eludes me!!! After a while you just have to admit defeat, as annoying it is, and start over again. This time - smaller needles. Starting all over again - such annoyance. Sigh. Oh well! In the middle of annoying solutions, I have started on my tower of fabric from the previous post. It amazes me how the same block can look so different, just because the difference in colours:) It is fun, but I can't really indulge in them at the moment. Soon:)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Step by step

It's been a while since I cut all the fabric for one quilt first and not during my sewing. This bundle took me two whole days - spread over two weekends. My back...
This is how 510 pieces looks like, from 30 different pieces of Hideaway fabric. I really should spend the time finishing christmas gifts, but it just felt so good to start something new - for me, this time:)

I am sure a little sewing now and then between the knitting and stitching would not be so bad? Gifts will be done, I promise:)