Sunday, November 18, 2012

New stash!

Not that I needed to add to my stash, but what can you do? My friends made sure I visited every new and old fabric and yarn stores in the area. Not buying seems sacrilege. Right?

One of the quilt stores had this gorgeous Halloween quilt in the window. I love Halloween. And they had a kit for it! Seemed like a sign:)

This is the center panel:) I wish I could make it now, the fabric is calling for me, but Christmas gifts have priority. Sigh.

And here is the yarn. The picture is not giving the colors justice. They are so much more vibrant. I love the names they give the colors; Ophelia, thyme, Cousteau, rhythm of the saints. Most of it is Madelinetosh, all of the ones on the right, on the left is cascade and Sundara yarn. Some of it is destined for gifts, but the green is all mine.... Rich, emerald green. I am visioning a big shawl....

Ending with a fall picture. It's been so wet for days now, so when the sun got out this morning, it felt like my eyes were opening up. Wish it could last. Fall is dark and dank around here.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Over a month?

I can't believe it is over a month since my last post. Both what a month! I spent three weeks in Colorado, my second home, to celebrate my big birthday.

We had beautiful, warm fall days,
snow days, 

aaand back to warm fall days again.

I was lucky enough to go to the Denver Art Museum to see the unique exhibition: Becoming Van Gogh (an exhibition that warmed my Whovian heart:))

I got to spend a weekend at a very luxurious hotel up in Aspen.

And celebrate Halloween, several times!

 Love the decorations:)

And I celebrated my birthday several times:) it was good to spend time with friends I have known half my life, to see my beloved Colorado again, and spend three weeks in the sun before I had to go back to a cold and dark Norway.

I am now hibernating in my apartment, making Christmas presents. Well, when I don't have to be at work, that is....