Monday, June 21, 2010

Warm wishes

I thought 'Ruth's quilt' from Leanne's House was the perfect quilt to make for a friend who had been going through a rough time, and still haven't quite gotten through it all yet. It also gave me something nice to work on during my own dark winter of unemployment.
I finished the binding today. It was such a nice day so I decided to bring the quilt outside to sew the binding. Though the quilt got done, it was NOT a good idea!!! Why do I never seem to remember that you don't feel the sunburn until it is too late!!?? Sigh. You would think age would bring some wisdom. But the sun did make for nice outdoor pictures:)
I added some of my own good thoughts, which I hope will add to her enjoyment of the quilt. I wanted her to be able to wrap herself up in warm thoughts when life is bad and you just want to hide for a little while. This one: Distance and times means nothing to friends - is a reminder to her that we may live far apart and we might be busy and not always have time to talk or visit, but sooner or later we will:)
She loves stripes and squares, so I quilted it with lines and squares, too!
Happy birthday, Inger. (I hope she doesn't visit my blog until she gets the quilt!)

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kahti said...

It is a beautiful quilt, and so special. It shall be very loved and enjoyed. You are such an artist.