Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So cute!

I finished the first sock last night, started the second one today (otherwise it would just be one sock.....). I added a row of skulls at the toe. I find them cute, looking up at me like that:) Yes, I am slightly odd.

Not easy taking pictures of your own leg, but here it is, in its full length.

I like the way the striped patterns shapes the form, a very Norwegian'ish way of doing it. Socks like this (without the skulls, but with the black and white patterns of roses and stripes) are originally used by men with the folk costumes, which we call Bunad.
The sole of the foot is striped, too. I added the stripes on the toes to bring the pattern back.

You find the pattern on Ravelry. It is called Selbudeath (the original rose is called Selburose normally:)), and it is free!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Death becomes her

I found this delightful pattern on Ravelry, a Norwegian pattern with a slight twist. I find it suits my inner goth:)
This little one, (well, actually, he is over a year now, I guess he stops being little after a while?) will soon be receiving his test quilt. I just can't stop myself posting his pictures, he is just so cute in his new haircut:)

I finished quilting and binding the cat quilt yesterday. Will get it over to his mom soon.

I am looking forward to see if he likes sleeping on it, or maybe batiks aren't as good to sleep on as other cotton? We shall find out soon.

Other than that, we have had a horrid wet summer, my shoulder does not seem to get any better (though I keep on crafting...) and I seemed to be stuck with a flu that does not want to go away. It does make me slightly depressed and tired. And not looking forward to another long and dark winter.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stars, logs, cats and a dog

I keep forgetting to blog while progressing:) I should not just wait until it is all done! Latest flimsy is a result of trying to use up the red stars that did not quite work out in its orginial plan. As none of the stars are of the same size, I 'filled' them out by making a log cabin block out of each star. I do see I need to redo a few seams...

One of the blocks has a slight Norwegian flair to it:)

A knitted eight point star! It's knitted in cotton, so it will be able to stand a whirl in a washing machine:)
This flimsy is a cat quilt, with cats. A quilt for cats, that is. I want to test out the theory that since cats seems to be drawn to sleep on quilts, maybe they will prefer sleeping on this - keeping the furnitures safe. We shall see. It will be tested by Spike and Buffy in a week or two.

I just had to share this picture. Newest family member, Teddy. I just love the look in his face:) He has an almost foxlike face. So cute! And the softest of furs!
Oh, and Spike got his summer cut a few weeks ago. Lion cut, they called it. I love the patterns that shows up. But according to his mother (or can-opener, as he views her) he slunked around the apartment for a few weeks. He did not seem comfortable in the new cut. And his partner, Buffy, hissed at him for days. However, I think he is better off without all the fur we weren't allow to brush... He still looks grumpy, but I guess that is just his nature. He is cute, though!