Thursday, August 26, 2010

Not quite done

It occurred to me that I haven't really shown anything I have been working on this summer! I have decided to start decreasing my overabundant stash! I am no good at using left overs, never have been. But now the whole thing is threatening to overflow, and I can't really add to it before I have used some of it. So I am challenging myself by making baby quilts from my stash.
So here is my pinkish japanese fabric quilt.
Sunbonnet Sue
Fisherman Fred - the fishing rods will be stitched on later.
A version of one of the DJ blocks.
There will be more, and there will be pictures of these in their doneness:) It is a challenge for me to start with an empty page, but I am starting to enjoy the process. Yet another step on the path of learning to quilt. Good thing we are never quite done with the learning process:)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Last end of summer

Summer is... sky, blue water, white sails,

... nature making her own stilleben...
.... quiet, quiet sunsets ...

... and the danger of bad weather....

... and a million things more. Another summer, more memories.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Mitt äventyr i blåbärsskogen

I am dog and house sitting for my aunt and uncle, in a house far into the woods in Sweden, next to one of the largest freshwater lakes in this country. And soooo much forest... Suffice to say I can exhaust even two big puppies by walking around there for hours and hours.
We are having a blueberry year, they are everywhere! Walking around yesterday seeing the sun shine on the blue and green, I started to think of one of my childhood story books: Puttes äventyr i blåbärskogen, which is swedish for Putte (typical swedish nickname) and his adventure in the blueberry forest. The official booktranslation is: Peter in Blueberry Land.

The story is about Putte one day walking into the forest to pick blueberries for his mom for her birthday, but he can not find any! Then suddenly someone taps him on the foot, and adventure ensues. He gets shrunk down to minisize, where bluberries becomes big as trees. He would definintly not have had trouble finding blueberries this year!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I can't help it, I am so fascinated by these... flowers? I think they are thistles with a slight infection of spiders... because there is only one plant with these marvels:) The plant thrives though, so I guess they are not a danger to it. But what wonderful creations.
I went back there yesterday to see if they were still there. The other thistles were starting to die down (I can't believe it is that time of year again!!) but these were still looking quite lovely.
And the bees were still at it. In fact very much so! I guess they are starting to feel the oncoming cold season and want to get as much pollen in as possible. No playing around any more. Winter is coming. Sigh... it is melancholic.

I really like how the sky turned out overhead. Like a painting with broad strokes.