Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finishing up the Garden

Been spending time finishing up the top of Heddas Garden. Have to be done by May 10th. Time is rushing. It is getting close, though. The finished top is lying on the floor for me to start basting it.... oh joy. Tomorrow I will start quilting it. This is how it looks like before the last border was put on.
It always amazes me how different it turns out with regards to colours - how the colours react to each other. I was sure it would be less red than this, even with the red corners. Funny:) I hope she will like it. Maybe Hedda and her mom will fight over this one, too, like with the throw I made for her a few birthdays ago. A compliment indeed:) See you soon, Hedda's mom;) Love you, guys!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

By the lakeshore

I am dog sitting for the weekend. Just me and Tika in a big house in a big forest by a big lake. Not scared or anything! Though watching a movie about a haunted house might not be the smartest idea... well, she will take care of me, I am sure:)
We went for a long walk down to the lake. It is so quiet today, the lake was very tranquil. No sounds to hear. Just us and the birdies.
Tomorrow we are exploring the forest. Good to have a guide. She will find the way home:)

Friday, April 17, 2009


Just placed the last stitches on the quilt and it is done! I have named it: "Stars, stripes and Chevy." The original was named: 'American - Pride of my heart'. As usual when I am done I realise there are things I would have done differently but then it is never supposed to be perfect, is it? Live and learn:)
I used the left overs, of which there were plenty, and made an American flag for the backing. Turned out pretty nice.
There are six flags alltogether with the backside, an American eagle with their motto: E pluribus unum, which means 'Out of many, one', several Ohio stars, Friendship stars, eight point stars and Sawtooth stars, in addition to one Victory Basket and two Churn Dashes. Suitable American, this. I hope my nephew likes it. I will know on Sunday.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Roaring in

We have spring in Norway now, at least in this part of the country. It is quite a complicated process to get rid of the enormous amount of snow that has accumulated over the last months. And it happens in different ways. Like yesterday, I stumbled over this little dribble of a waterfall coming down the hillside.
A few feet away, the main river is floating downwards, deceptively quiet and sluggish...

.. until you get further down....

And it all ends in this magnificent waterfall! This river was the main source for the iron foundery of the city, and it is still allowed to go in the old tracks. I find the river and the waterfall fun to follow, all year around. It is always something new to see.
Another sure sign of spring - birds. Ducks in this case. I kept watching these three for a while. Her all quiet and serene, just floating along, and the two guys all circling around her. And I figured; go for it, girl. Why can't you have both of them?! Ah, spring:)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I am done! Knitting, that is.... My friend's new skisocks are done. She will turn heads when she swoshes down the skislopes with these!
There are many, many of these bubbles all around the socks. It is what makes the socks different, these bubbles.
And each of these beautiful bubbles have two ends...
I might not have mentioned it before, but I dislike and hate fastening ends..... I am afraid it might not be until next winter we can see her in these socks... Sigh.
Other than that, to update life in general:
1) Spring
2) Unemployed (still)
3) Spring
4) Snow melting
5) SPRING!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Different things in spring

Been a while since I updated this blog, I suddenly realised. I have spent most of the time trying out reversed applique. Interesting technique, but time consuming. My brother has an old MG he has been working on for a long time. He loves that car, and I thought I would make him a quilted logo. So I tried it in reversed applique. Small thing that took a looong time to make. Maybe he will lend me the car this summer? Well, one can dream:)
I have also knitted. Into socks at the moment, long ones. For some reason, it seems to be in this year. However, most of my friends like it a little different. So one of them wants this colourful version.While the other one wants old Norwegian patterns, in different colours than normal. Just started these ones.
This week will be spent machine quilting The Pride quilt for my nephew. Soon done:)