Friday, April 17, 2009


Just placed the last stitches on the quilt and it is done! I have named it: "Stars, stripes and Chevy." The original was named: 'American - Pride of my heart'. As usual when I am done I realise there are things I would have done differently but then it is never supposed to be perfect, is it? Live and learn:)
I used the left overs, of which there were plenty, and made an American flag for the backing. Turned out pretty nice.
There are six flags alltogether with the backside, an American eagle with their motto: E pluribus unum, which means 'Out of many, one', several Ohio stars, Friendship stars, eight point stars and Sawtooth stars, in addition to one Victory Basket and two Churn Dashes. Suitable American, this. I hope my nephew likes it. I will know on Sunday.

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kahti said...

Well finished! It is a fantastic quilt. :-)