Friday, April 20, 2012

A place fit for a king

I went for a fabric run today, and decided to find a special beach I had read about. A beach filled with rounded stones. Even in the cold weather and grey light, the beach was wonderful.

What I did not know, was that there were burial mounds from the Viking era there, too! They had kept through time, storms and human interference.

They would bury their kings (bosses of smaller areas) in burial mounds like these, making sure, if possible, to give them a beautiful view for the eternity.

I think this guy lucked out on the view. I am still not quite sure why movies show Viking burials being boats on fire... In this country they buried them, usually in their ships, under ground... Good thing, too, or we would not know what the ships looked like:)

This place was amazing, though. I am not a geologist, nor particularly interested in what they are called. I just love the shapes and the colurs. I know I have to return there in the winter, one of those cold, sunny days. Or in a full nor'easter:)

You can see where the sea lies - how many thousands of years has it taken for the sea to form this one?

There is no problem seeing which way the winds are blowing on this beach!

And, yes, I did get fabric, too. For a girl on her confirmation in May. Need to start to get it done in time. It is being washed as I blog. Cutting is on the agenda for tomorrow.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Softness in spring

So strange that something so hard and dark as a cone, starts its life as something so soft and colourful! I have no idea what this particular tree is called, but it produces a lot of cones during the year. But at this time of the year, in the cold, cold springtime we are having, they are bright dark red and green, and soft:)

Adds colours to a grey day:)

Just wanted to show. They are redoing the old university downtown. And instead of just covering it with grey and boring plastic, they printed it with a simplified rendition of how the front looks! Makes it nice for the tourists visiting, and for us that have to pass it everyday. Kudos to the designer, great idea!

Monday, April 9, 2012

It has arrived

The tea cosy has arrived at its destination:) it was well received. My aunt told me she will stop and admire it whenever she goes past the table. Can not wish for more.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Productive Easter

Spent yesterday being the good daughter, doing garden spring work for my mom. It is most likely the last spring they will spend in their apartment. Just heard they are on top of the waiting list for assisted living.

My niece is turning 25 later this month. She wanted a very specific pillow, among others. So i got to experiment:) Turns out freezer paper does work well as templates.

They are so romantic at that age :)

Finished the shell seeker. I had to get creative on the arms.. We shall see how that looks on....

And I tested out a cathedral block pin cushion. Love the button, it says Inspire:)

And since I now have finished most of my crafts, I guess all that is left is painting the bathroom.... Does not sound as fun as knitting.... But needed. Sigh.

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

African tea time

You don't choose your family. I have been lucky, I have an aunt and uncle that has been and still are a big part of my life. They are supportive, believe in me and want what is best for me. They are my sanctuary.

They have lived abroad many years, among other in Kenya. She brought back this wonderful tea pot, which has been well used over the years. She is using a knitted and felted tea cosy, that originally started its life as a hat for my uncle. However, his head is not that big. We have spent many times over that tea cosy, laughing. I thought she loved that cosy, but it turned out that she used it because it was the only thing she had. So I figured, I will make her one!

I put things together from many pictures and patterns. I wanted Africa, and all the things she loves about it. Baby elephants and bright flowers,

Baby hippo and colorful birds. I got uncle to remeasure the pot yesterday, afraid it would not fit. It does! I will give it to her next weekend when I visit them.

First finish for this vacation:)

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