Thursday, November 20, 2008

Babysteps to happiness

When I feel low, as I tend to do on occasion, and particularly at the moment, a good friend of mine tells me: babysteps to happiness. As I tend to be thinking I seven-mile boot steps to happiness and then immediately get depressed when I only get a few inches, it helps thinking baby steps. Thanks, friend:)

So two days ago I got back to my Baby Jane. It's been lying there, laughing at me, for two months. I got through the first four almost flawlessly, jippi!, totally blew the fifth, argh!, but got another three made again today - rock on! I am taking my babysteps to happiness:) Here are the first ones. It takes me forever! to download them these days. The system kicks me out after a few pictures. sigh....

A8 - Florence Nightingale. One of the simpler one, thank goodness!

L3 - Reflections abound. After I finished it, I saw the flower I had managed to connect in the lower right corner:)

H13 - Farm Fields. The true colour is a more pink one.

1 comment:

kahti said...

Yea! Your quilt blocks are wonderful. Keep on walking...