Wednesday, February 11, 2009

White-out in blue

I am not a fan of snow, as cold weather follows in its foot steps, naturally. I am always cold during winter, and I do SO hate that. However, I can't ignore the fact that the colours are sometimes amazing and otherworldly, that the shapes the snow forms over everything makes it look like clouds have fallen down to earth, and that it is easy to believe in fairytales when you go skiing in moonlighted forests at night. Never have I wanted so much to be able to paint as when I see the winternight colours by the full moon light.

And.... it is during winter you can actually look at the sun directly and see its colours. Just look at this!I went home to visit last weekend, and saw my childhood home surrounded by the purple and blue evening colours. And remembered how we used to play outside in the snow until we were cold, wet and could not see a hand in front of us and was guided in to a warm fireplace by the lights pouring out from the windows.

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