Friday, June 18, 2010


I am NOT good at numbers. I still have problems remembering my mother's phone number, and she has had it for the last 30 years. Thank goodness for cellphones that keeps numbers for you! I have managed to fight my way through quilt patterns and fabrics for the last decade or so, but I seem forever to mess up on the backing! Why I can not follow the patterns suggestion, I do not know. I should have learned by now.
So we end up with this, backing with a lot of seams. I was just lucky that I realised it soon enough to go back and get more of the same fabric! Oh well, the receipient won't know it wasn't supposed to be like this:) Unless she reads the blog, of course :-) Her birthday is next week. I should be done.
Otherwise, I have been experimenting. With stars,
with a little added extra. I wanted to see if I could mix my love of quilts with my love of knitting. It might work. There are so many lovely, old knitting patterns in Norway, and it would be fun to see if it could add an extra dimension to my quilts.
This is my first attempt. I used cotton, it should wash the same way as the fabrics. I hope.... We shall see. Fun to try new things, figuring things out.
On an end note - I just passed this overgrown pasture the other day (what a paradise for a horse or two!), and I am so infatuated with the lusciousness of the field, and the eyepopping green colour.

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kahti said...

Wonderful combination of knitting and quilting. I really like it. :-)