Saturday, June 30, 2012

The list

I am turning the big five this fall. I tend to make lists for what I want to do to mark the big days. I can not do anything about the numbers, but I can choose how old I want to feel:)

So one on the list was achieved on Thursday, I got my third and fourth tattoo:) Yup. Can't explain why I feel compelled, just going with it. These make me smile every time I see them, so goal achieved.

On other news, I am cat sitting again. Buffy and Spike got a haircut before they got here. Poor kitties. It will probably feel better for them these summer months, but they do look kind of naked....

Buffy is so tiny, without fur she looks like a kitten! Her fur has always been kind if stringy, it is going to be fun to see how her new fur grows out.

Two more weeks, and I have my summer vacation! An old friend from my university days in Colorado is coming to visit. It will be her first trip to Norway! We are going to have fun! I will be celebrating my big day at her house later this year. Woho!

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Margaret said...

Wow, impressive tattoos! Happy birthday in advance! Cute kitties -- bet they do feel cooler with the haircut. Have fun with your friend!