Thursday, October 2, 2008

New opportunities?

The week so far:
  • The rain has started
  • First night frost came
  • I got fired
  • Leaves are falling
Yep, fall is here. And my job is gone. I am not the only one - one out of four had to leave, but it is strange being let go after seven years. Even if I was looking for another job. But - all is not lost (even with the current economy). I get paid for many, many months:)

And I have lots to do, in between job hunting.  

I am knitting this

which is suppose to look something like this

from this book, Inspired to knit.

I also got some beautiful fabric from Nancy Halvorsen, 12 days of Christmas, to make my own Christmas wall hanging.

'Twas the Night before Christmas' from Crabapplehill Studio.

Add to that my Dear Jane quilt, three or four different Christmas gifts, and a quilt for my nephew's 25th in February.... I should have enough crafts to tie me over for a while.

Here's to hoping this is a beginning of something new and exciting! :)

1 comment: said...

great sweater on your picture! Hope finished piece will be great too!