Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old and new

I wanted to get my friends in Colorado something handmade and Norwegian this time, and found this great idea in one of my many books. These are Hardanger, sewn on linen (flax) with linen thread, how they used to do it originally. I then added some old lace from the stash I got from my grandmother. I kind of like the look.

Kind of bugs me that the small strip of lace is crooked, but hey! it is handmade, OK?
This was a 45 year birthday gift to one of my 'bestest' friends in Colorado. She has four kids, and I admire her ability to handle all those busy lives. So when I saw this: A mothers pocket is filled with love, I thought of her right away.It is a Cinderberry pattern. I love her lines and the amazing amounts of fun details. Aren't the babies cute?

There are slightly more than four kids on this one, though....

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