Friday, September 18, 2009

Tonic for the soul

I am currently on my annual 'pilgrimage' to Colorado:) Time spent with good friends in a warm climate and incredible nature just outside the door - it is tonic for the soul at the moment. A couple of days ago we went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. This was the view from the parking lot!
We first walked around Bear Lake. The aspen has just started to turn yellow. I was suprised to see it could actually turn orange, too! It was such a fluorescent colour - it almost hurt your eyes.
We kept going up the mountains, past several lakes. The trail had beautiful views going both up and down.
Some of the mountains are so high up that the clouds were hanging around them. I could feel the high altitude as we walked up towards our final destination:
Emerald Lake. By then we were far, far, far higher than the highest mountain in Norway, and the air was pretty thin. But the view was magnificent. Hard to not love this place:)

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