Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The story behind

There are a number of these statues along the coast of Norway. The Sailors Wife - in recognition of the ones that were left behind - with all the hard work.
In 1875 in just this little area over 70% of the workforce (men, that is) were sailors, 861 out of a population of 3118 adults and kids. And out of those who were out sailing, 70% were married with kids. That makes for a lot of single parents household in a time where farming were highly manual, to put it mildly.
Diaries and letters from those times does not only tell of the heavy work these women had to do, but also the anxiety and worries of maybe not seeing their husbands, fathers or brothers again.
Considering that every second family in this area during that time lost a family member to the oceans, they had a reason to worry.
Whenever I see one of these statues, I see a long line of women standing along the coast through history - waiting and watching and worrying.

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