Tuesday, October 27, 2009

World's End

I have just been to the world's end. Not the 'four horsemen' type of end, but more like: end of the road. Not sure what made a small Norwegian coastal community think they rated to be called the world's end, though:) However, that is what this place is called: Verdens Ende.
From here the next stop is Denmark, and that is only accessible by boat. It was such a wonderful, quiet fall day today, and the sea was calm and quiet, clear and blue.
During the summer this place is chocablock with screaming kids, loud teenagers and fast boats making a lot of noise. But now it is fall - quiet before the winterstorms. Nature has taken back the space and getting ready to rumble. I think I need to go back there during winter. See the snow and the ice... hmh...
.. worth the thought.

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