Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas, christmas

This is also a part of Christmas here up north:) though not always. I just returned from celebrating Christmaseve with the family, and ended up having to drive through snow to get home. You get used to driving in snow here, though it is a nuisance at times. However, I do love the colours that comes from snowdrives in streetlights.
Why decorate a tree inside when you get snow and lights outside?
Now I can share some of the gifts I made this year. This is a variation of a pattern from Bente Malm. Instead of a big tablecloth I made it into a table runner instead. This was for my nephew and his girlfriend. Big one to suit a big table:)
Winterroses, as we call them, are pretty new to Norway, and we only get them at Christmas. I do like them.
For my sister-in-law, I made kitchen curtain for her kitchen - two small windows, one for each.
I look forward to seeing them on the window:)
Have a continous good Christmas, all you out there!

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