Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A little bit of that and a little bit of this...

I made a pillow for my america-loving nephew, to go with his quilt (which he adores, he told me this holiday. The dog can sleep on it without leaving hair all over! Well, I did make it to survive a big dog...) Different colours - I used Japanese fabric in different textures. Kind of like the outcome.
Used the leftovers for the backing.
And look who snuck in here! My aunt and uncle's new doggie - Odin. He is a Chesapeak Bay Retriever and seven months old. He has a colour that reminds me of a too-lightly baked cookie:) He is still a puppy, though big... He likes to 'taste' people when they come, with the result that your arm is constantly being held in his mouth. Quite gently, but still... lots of teeths... However, he is cute, even when he smiles at you. Again, lots of teeths... They say the smile is a Chesapeake trait?
He is getting company of another one in April. We shall see how he likes being a big brother...
Back to crafts. I knitted socks,
.. a colourful hat,
.. a less colourful hat,
and a pair of very colourful gloves,
for my godchild's birthday this christmas. Just in time for a lot of snow, and a LOT of cold, cold days. I am thinking seriously about hibernating.

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