Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Trolls and ghosts

My theory is that local fairytales are based on the locale. In Norway, a lot of our fairytales are based on nature and weather - huge mountains are petrfied trolls, scary woodponds with no bottoms are the home of the watersprites and the storm are the spirits howling. And you believe it, if you see it:)
Tonight I stood on my balcony and saw the huge birchtree covered in frost as the frostfog came in, just as the sun was going down. And eventhough the neighbours are a few yards away, you could believe you were the only living creature for miles... except for the ghosts and the spirits....
.. could that single light over there be a lost soul looking for its home? A marshlight - the soul of an unbaptised child lighting your way towards death's door?
And I wonder why I still am afraid of the dark?!?! Hah!
Haunting it is, but beautiful too. Even in the middle of a city.

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kahti said...

Oh, Brrrr! It makes me lonely and cold just looking at the photo.