Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update on Babysteps to Happiness

The last few months before and after Christmas were spent working on gifts, so my Dear Jane quilt had to be content with being spread on the walls of my apartment. However, the last two weeks I started working on it again. Perfect work for winter months.

Today was spent updating the DJ journal and my progress chart. Eventhough I have all the blocks on my flickr badge on the right, it doesn't really compute until I see it all together. Like this. I am amazed myself. I can almost see the color 'around the world' setting I chose. It might actually make sense when it is done. I don't think I have left the most difficult one till the end. I hope not... I do see I need to focus more on the left side and bottom row of triangles, and the center of the quilt. Hmh..

I do NOT look forward to starting piecing it together. Drudgery work. But since I have plans for the left overs, I need to get this done before I start that one. Might get me started.

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Sara said...

It looks great. You can really start to see the rainbow of colors. I just started my dear jane yesterday. 2 down and way to many to go.