Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miracle worker

I have celebrated National Quiltday the best way ever! I finished the last blocks on my Dear Jane quilt!!! According to DJ lore I am now a Miracle Worker:) When the quilt is sewn together and quilted and all done, I will receive the final award of Goddess. Sooo... another year, maybe?
Sorry for the bad lighting, but here they all are - 52 triangles and 4 corners. Together with the 169 blocks, I have 225 blocks consisting of 4943 pieces. Working on this quilt has been a true journey, something logical to cling to when the weekly or biweekly fresh hells turned up, something practical to keep my brain occupied during too many months of unemployment.

I am almost sorry to see them done. I have learnt so much from making them. New techniques, new ways of doing stuff. My appliqueing skills are better, too. I might be ready for a big one:)

Now, the question remains - do I start sewing them together right away.... or do I do something else for a while? Hmh... need to think about that a little. Right now I am basking in the spring sunlight of accomplishment!

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