Sunday, July 4, 2010

Enjoying nature

My old friend, Tommy, is back visiting me while his other servants :-) are out galavanting the world. This time he was allowed out on my balcony after I made it cat proof. He hasn't been outside for a while now, and it took him by suprise. He spent a full day just smelling the air. Funny sight:) And then he experienced my plants.
I guess the leaves of a rasperry bush smells intriguing?
The he started to make himself useful by picking off the dead leaves of this particular plant, and eating it! You would think I did not feed him! He is not particularly fond of the cat grass I sowed especially for him, though. Picky... And as usual---"Pay attention to me!" And if a claw here and there doesn't bring the necessary attention,we do what we can to make it too hard to do anything else but pay attention....
I wonder how he is going to react when he returns home in a week, and find this new addition to the family:
Welcome to your new family, Spike!


kahti said...

Oh, Tommy! He is such a handsome charmer. I am glad you are there to be his servant while waiting for his family to return.

heather said...

Spike is very cute!