Saturday, July 17, 2010

Buzzzzzy bees

I am testing out the macro on my camera. Amazing what you see when you are looking closely enough. Look at the patterns on the wings!Even on a day without sunshine, the colours are amazing. We are having a very green summer this year.
And getting close to the bees, I suddenly found this green guy - almost dissappearing in the greeness.
This one, I have no idea what this plant is. I think they might be thissels, with an attack of spiders... This was the only one who looked like this, like big balls of yarn!
The flowers makes me think they are thissles, as they look like the other ones.
While walking, I came across a 160 year old barn. I love the way weather and time wears out the wood,
and the way they used all of the wood, even the ones with all the knot holes:) Like a piece of art.

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