Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Early morning musings

It is a very different way of life having to get up at 6 am every morning and not getting home until about 12 hours later. I am also outside in the early morning, before the sun comes up. The light is so different.
I walk past this every morning - the Royal Castle in Oslo. It is not the biggest in the world and not the oldest, but it suits a fairly new monarchy (this last bout of monarchy only started in 1905). And contrary to many other castles in the world, there are no fences and gates around this on.
Though we have a few guys like these standing around. Such a cold job in the winter months. If I go slightly later in the morning, I get to see the changing of the guard. I will take pictures.
And this red flag shows the king is in:)

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kahti said...

Brrrrr.... even the guards ears are pink. Beautiful photos. The world always looks so different early in the morning.