Thursday, December 16, 2010

Getting there

I realise I haven't shared a lot of my quilting lately. Mostly because I have been working again! Though I love to have a job again, after 23 months of unemployment, I feel it is encroaching into my creative time at home. Add to that the fact that we only have daylight from 10 am until 3 pm every day... I find it is harder for me to sit down by the sewing machine when I get home at 6 pm and it is pitch dark outside. So machine sewing is delegated to weekends and knitting and handsewing done on weekdays.

Biggest problem - get done before Christmas!!!

This weekend I worked on Charleston, a quilt I am sewing for a friend. She bought the fabric and my gift is to make it for her. It will not reach her in time for Christmas, but hopefully not too far into the new year.
Only the border missing now. And the quilting of course..... Sigh.

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