Friday, December 31, 2010

Not looking back!

Last day of the year. I am ending this year with another cold and body-wrecking coughs. Ugh. A fitting ending of a very emotionally hard year. I am immensely glad to finally have gotten a job after 23 months of unemployment. So instead of ending the year with a look back on the last year (no thanks!) I decided to look forward. Here is my list of to-do's:)

Great hopes to get this handquilted - at least started.

Belated Christmas gift for my sister-in-law.

Charleston for my friend in US needs to be quilted, soon.

Another belated Christmas gift that needs to be quilted soon.

This is one of my dreams now that the Dear Jane is almost done. The Civil War Bride Quilt. Isn't it amazing? I bought the pattern from Threadbear and I keep following this blog to get inspired. I struggle with finding the fabric, though. Not sure how I want it to look. That was what took me the longest with DJ, too, finding out what look I wanted. But that is half of the fun, too! Other than that, all these baby quilts - and more - needs to be quilted.

Happy New Year.


Kay said...

Oh you have sooooo much (quilting) to look forward to!

Margaret said...

Oh my! What beautiful quilts! I love the Civil War Bride Quilt too but sadly I haven't even come close to starting it. I can't believe you did that gorgeous Dear Jane quilt! It's amazing! Talk about a masterpiece! And that sweater! Whoa! You have some knitting skills!

Thanks for commenting on my blog. When I say 40ct, it means 40 threads to the inch. Does that make sense? I don't know how to convert that to cm or mm. Sorry! It's the thread count of the linen. Do you stitch?