Thursday, January 13, 2011

Still Christmas..

Two of my bestest friends share same birthday-time as me, in the fall. We split the last three months between us, October, November and December. In addition, some travel during Christmas and don't get a Norwegian Christmas meal. About a decade ago, we decided to do our own little birthday and Christmas celebration sometime during January. This year it will be February.... We make a traditional Norwegian Christmas dinner (Pinnekj√łtt) and we give each other birthdays and Christmas gifts.

This year I am fine with February, because I have to quilt two quilts between now and then. I finished the last flimsy last weekend.

It's left-overs from DJ, and it did not even make a dent into it! I even did the backing with left-overs. I see a lot of batik quilts in the future. I wonder if I should start making cat quilts....
Spike is growing and growing. I only see him a few times a month, and he seems to grow in leaps and bounds. I love his fluffy paws, it looks like he is wearing Uggs!
And I hope they don't read my blog for another few weeks....

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