Saturday, March 19, 2011


How lucky am I? :) I received this gorgeous bunch of fabrics from my dear friend in Colorado. What a great gift to get while I am waiting for my physio's go-ahead to craft again. Something to dream over while waiting. What to do with it... hmh... Oh, I got plans!
The fabric is called Hideaway, from Moda, and it has all these wonderful forestscenes, flowers, birds and cucko clocks. The colours are so bright and cheery, it just made me smile the minute I saw it. You got to love fabric that does that!

Maybe it is the name of it, but I started thinking about this old little house I sometimes go by when visiting my aunt and uncle in the deep forests. I don't know what it says about me, being obsessed (slightly) by a run down little house.
I have no idea about the story behind it, but it fascinates me. I passed it earlier this winter, looking sad and lonely with the untouched snow in the front yard.
Last summer, it had a totally different vibe, but still haunting. Unfortunately there is a fence around the house, and I don't feel comfortable going closer, but I really, really want to....
Looking at this picture, though... makes me wonder if we will ever have summer again.... This has been a long, cold and snowy winter. I hereby give winter permission to leave!


Margaret said...

What beautiful fabric! Can't wait to see what you make with it. :D

kahti said...

Me, It is me! I am in your blog. :-) I am so glad you like the fabric. I thought it was so fun. You are such a wonderful friend.