Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Permission to leave!

I hereby give winter permission to leave! We have had permanent snow on the ground since November. That is a long winter, even for us Norwegians.
However, new sounds are cropping up. The drip from the roofs, the birds chirping. It's like it suddenly jumps in, all that sound. One day it is quiet, the next day there are sounds.... We went walking by the beach on Sunday. It is wonderful to see the snow melting away. It makes for new patterns.
The ice on the fjord is breaking up. The seagulls are sunning themselves on the rocks.
The fjord looks like a puzzle yet to be finished. But this time, don't finish the ice puzzle, please. Just break up and leave us with open sea! Should only take a month or so.... Sigh.

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Margaret said...

Don't you long for spring? We got rid of the snow only to have flooding. Now we have snow today into tomorrow again. sigh. I want spring!!!! I hope it comes to you soon.....