Tuesday, April 19, 2011

People keep walking into me

As spring arrives and the days are longer and more sunny, I start looking at things quite anew. It's like I am waking up from hibernation, shaking of the snow and ice and start looking around me. Problem is that I keep looking up.... I love the old curlyque architecture in the older part of Oslo, and I keep finding new things to see. And I stop and take pictures... and the people walking behind me bumps into me...
Yesterday I saw this one. I have passed that house so many times, parked my car there when I go to my training studio. But never have I seen this.

How wonderfully imaginative! How fun:) His eyes are yellow, even!

And would you look at that blue sky!?


Richard said...

Beautiful! We are having a cloudy week here in Salt Lake City. I am jealous.

kahti said...

There is a kitty you should take home! :)