Thursday, September 8, 2011

Stars, logs, cats and a dog

I keep forgetting to blog while progressing:) I should not just wait until it is all done! Latest flimsy is a result of trying to use up the red stars that did not quite work out in its orginial plan. As none of the stars are of the same size, I 'filled' them out by making a log cabin block out of each star. I do see I need to redo a few seams...

One of the blocks has a slight Norwegian flair to it:)

A knitted eight point star! It's knitted in cotton, so it will be able to stand a whirl in a washing machine:)
This flimsy is a cat quilt, with cats. A quilt for cats, that is. I want to test out the theory that since cats seems to be drawn to sleep on quilts, maybe they will prefer sleeping on this - keeping the furnitures safe. We shall see. It will be tested by Spike and Buffy in a week or two.

I just had to share this picture. Newest family member, Teddy. I just love the look in his face:) He has an almost foxlike face. So cute! And the softest of furs!
Oh, and Spike got his summer cut a few weeks ago. Lion cut, they called it. I love the patterns that shows up. But according to his mother (or can-opener, as he views her) he slunked around the apartment for a few weeks. He did not seem comfortable in the new cut. And his partner, Buffy, hissed at him for days. However, I think he is better off without all the fur we weren't allow to brush... He still looks grumpy, but I guess that is just his nature. He is cute, though!

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