Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So cute!

I finished the first sock last night, started the second one today (otherwise it would just be one sock.....). I added a row of skulls at the toe. I find them cute, looking up at me like that:) Yes, I am slightly odd.

Not easy taking pictures of your own leg, but here it is, in its full length.

I like the way the striped patterns shapes the form, a very Norwegian'ish way of doing it. Socks like this (without the skulls, but with the black and white patterns of roses and stripes) are originally used by men with the folk costumes, which we call Bunad.
The sole of the foot is striped, too. I added the stripes on the toes to bring the pattern back.

You find the pattern on Ravelry. It is called Selbudeath (the original rose is called Selburose normally:)), and it is free!


kahti said...

I like your new socks! I think the 3 skulls on your toe are nice. They look like they are ready to talk to you. They have a lot to say. ;-) The socks are wickedly beautiful.

Margaret said...

What fantastic socks! I love them so much! I wish I could knit like that!