Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Vikings are coming!

I have just returned my American visitor back to Wineland:) It was her first visit to the land of her forefathers, so we did all the touristy things. Among others, we searched and found petroglyphs not far from where I grew up. Never seen time, of course. Isn't always like that? You don't know what is on your own doorstep:)

This long boat, over four yards long, was all by itself on a rock side growing vertically up. It was a quiet grove, making you wonder if the tribes would gather in front of it while the wise men retold the old stories.

This area, not so far away, was completely covered by figures! Almost like graffiti:) and very busy. Lots of ships, animals, circles... We don't know what they really mean, though.... Sad, really. I wonder if there might be a quilt in here somewhere....

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Margaret said...

That's pretty cool! It definitely can take playing tourist to end up seeing things in your own area. lol!