Sunday, September 9, 2012


I went to an old glass factory yesterday. For some reason I did not take pictures of that (mostly too touristy) but I saw this old building next to it. An old, little church. Old empty houses fascinate me. I wonder what made them empty and unused. What was the last thing it was used for, and why did people stop using it?

I ended up asking the museum lady at the glass factory. They had bought the building, and had not quite decided what to use it for.

However, there are, she claimed, gorgeous glass decorations inside, made by the factory people, and they should be open to the public. I am sad I did not get to see it. I hope they don't wait too long, as it is fading away.

I finished a first sock. Love the color of the yarn. Fabel, color Carnival. Always worry when I finish the first one. Can I get to the other one fast enough and not fall for the temptation of doing something else...

It is like knitting sleeves... Two of the same, getting them to look the same. Sigh.
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Margaret said...

Love the sock! You should definitely knit the other too. :D Interesting about the empty building. It's a cool one. I wonder if they will have a glass exhibit sometime.

kahti said...

Humph! That was the yarn I wanted! ;) It looks great! Very beautiful-it reminds me of a stained glass window. I look forward to seeing both.... :)