Sunday, September 30, 2012

Half of a nightmare

The 'nightmare' that is machine quilting a big quilt, consists of two parts: basting and quilting.

Half is done this weekend, the basting. My fingers are sore, my back and knees hurts, but it is done!

I will be testing quilting-in-the-ditch method this time. Never done that before, but it is hard to get a hexagon quilt quilted well. They are usually hand quilted, but if I do that, it will never get done.

We shall see:) at the moment it will be resting while I finish a gift I am bringing with me on my upcoming trip to the US. Soooo looking forward to that.

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Margaret said...

I've always thought basting is the worst parting of quilting. lol! Congrats on having that chore done -- looks great! That's great that you will have a fun trip soon too!