Monday, March 18, 2013

Until Easter

There is a Christmas song here in Scandinavia that tells us Christmas lasts until Easter. And this year it has! My last Christmas gifts (almost) were given away last week. She wanted a black quilt. I found this pattern in a magazine, and just did a little color switch.

I split between three 'color ways'. The grey with black in one corner, pure black in the middle, and then black patterned in the other corner. Hard to see the details, but it turned out pretty good, if I should say it myself:)

Yeah, still snow here. Still very cold, too. In the middle of March. Sigh

I tested out another block before I found the other, but found this to be a little too much work. But it made a nice pillow to go with the quilt.

Looking at the pillow like this, I am amazed at how straight the pattern is. I always struggle with small pieces, but this seemed to have just fallen in place. You can sometimes be amazed at what you can actually produce:)

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Margaret said...

Wow, what a beautiful set you have given! I love both patterns -- and your use of black and white too!