Sunday, March 24, 2013

Welcome to the world

Here he is, my brand new great nephew:) In a small family, even becoming a great aunt is a big thing. He took his time arriving, and caused his mom and dad a little trouble, but now he is here. Healthy and beautiful.

According to his proud father (my nephew) his eyes are so blue that they shine like something metallic:) And his grandad (my brother) had to swipe away a tear when he met him the first time. My unemotional brother:)

I look forward to get to know this new person as he grows up. And to observe these new things happening among my nearest. Both will be interesting. And fun:) We all so desperately need something good and positive in our family now, after cancer scares, relationship break ups and two counts of dementia - all in this last year. Now we want to concentrate on something small, gorgeous and positive. Our little prince. Welcome to the world:)

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Margaret said...

He is absolutely beautiful, Lene. It does sound like your family needs happy news for a change. May this little one bring you all much joy, and may he have a long, happy life.