Saturday, August 17, 2013

Supernatural again

I just realized that I am again choosing to watch Supernatural when dealing with long winded and boring..ish quilt work. I watched it while sewing that big hexagon quilt for my aunt, and I am using it now for quilting Dear Jane. It really works well to keep me going.
I am now over half way. Woho! It's only weekend work, I just do not seem to be able to get around to quilting during the week.
I found a new yarn place this summer. I have socks on the brain at the moment, so I was excited to find Malabrigo!! Love it. The colors are really nice, fall inspired. Love the name of the color, Archangel:)
I also bought three colors in Cascade. These will be gifts, I think, as I am not a pink person AT ALL! I actually rather detest the color, but some people, it seems, love the color. Brrrrr....

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Margaret said...

Oh my gosh! Your Dear Jane is gorgeous! I need to find a picture of the whole thing. Love it! I just started working on a Dear Jane of my own and I just hope I can do it. lol! Those yarns too -- gorgeous! I love the colors!