Sunday, September 1, 2013

There will be socks

This post is not so much about socks, as it is about a decision. I have finally realized that I have made my own punishment. I have, basically, spoiled my friends and family with homemade gifts. Sounds stupid, I know, but increasingly these last few years, I have been adding to and raising the bar so that I have not had a spare minute all fall until Christmas. Apart from making gifts. And too often I have kept on after Christmas, too.

I mean, if they got this last year, I have to do something more this year, right? At least it has to be the same as last year. And so on and so on. I never had time to do things for myself, apart from a few months in spring and early summer. Unless there was a birthday, or confirmation, or something else. Not to mention the costs.

So now they expect it, and take it for granted, most of them. I think the worst part is that I do a lot of these things for people that never can really understand the value and the work of what I give away. It makes me feel that what I do, is not of value, either. And that, is the worst part of it all.

So now I have made a decision. The big, handmade stuff is for the really big days. And for the ones who realize that a handmade quilt is several levels over a quilt bought at ikea. Though some of them are nice:)

I feel quite free, actually. Like a big burden is lifted off my shoulders. And I can finally bring back my collection of ideas, and the long list of inspiration on Pinterest!

And this Christmas, there will be socks. And that is all.

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Margaret said...

Good for you!! It's so true -- lots of people don't understand all the time and effort put into hand made items. Definitely not worth putting your time into. Hooray!