Monday, March 9, 2009


I am cat sitting at the moment. A friend is off on a two week long trip and I voluntaired to take care of the little 'baby'. He is a full grown witches' cat:) Black with yellow eyes. Amazing how sinister they can look. As every cat he is haughty, proud and the boss of the house. I am just the can opener, but he deigns to keep me company while I sit and write my endless applications (though he is more interested in what is going on outside).
He is also hogging my quilts.... hard to work with a huge cat spread all over the fabric. What is it about cats and quilts?! He is also very interested in my knitting, but I think that is just the movement of the thread.... Hard to knit when claws are suddenly attached to my thighs.... ouch! But it is nice to have company, as we are still getting more snow and I do NOT want to venture out too much. Now I can be snug inside my warm apartment, with company, too!:) Now, if he could just cook dinner....

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kahti said...

He wants to cook dinner, but needs you to open the cans. Enjoy your lovely fiend, oh, I meant friend.